Knife Skills

Knife skills are at the heart of every cook’s success. This class will allow you to hone your skills, and learn new ones, as well as understand the basics of knife choice, care and sharpening. A fun way to extend your repertoire of skills.

During this half-day hour class, you will put these newly acquired skills to the test by preparing a delicious Bream that you will enjoy savouring in the company of the other participants in our beautiful dining room; The Pantry at the end of the session.

What you will learn

The build blocks of how to –

  • Knife choice, care and sharpening
  • Fillet a fish
  • Slice & dice to make a mirepoix, antiboise
  • Julienne, brunoise and macédoine vegetables

Included in this course

  • A light Welcome Breakfast
  • One dish (as prepared by participants) with paired wine
  • The recipe pack from the day
  • A Sauce by The Langham apron, cloth and tote bag

Timings: 9:15am -2:00pm

Knife Skills Gift

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